Fitness Big Year: No easy solution to a poor start (Part 3)

Catch up on gym? Easy if irksome.

Catch up on cycling? Have faith and enjoy!

I simply don’t know what to do with jogging. I failed yet again a couple of days ago. The way I’m going, I’ll fall short of 1,000 kms by 100+. Since 10 kms is my limit, since I can’t jog and cycle on any one day . . . well, I’m in deep shtuk.

There’s no ready solution and I’ve bigger fish to catch right now, so I decide not to decide. I just affirm that I’ll keep lacing up those blue joggers twice a week and heading out to pant. Somehow I’ll keep dejection at bay. Maybe inspiration will strike like lightning, eh?

Writing Big Year: Abstract and Niemann and creativity

I’ve already posted about this but let me keep sharing Niemann’s hard-won conclusions about creativity (I’ve taken notes from all over Abstract’s Episode 1, don’t expect my notes to retain overall coherency) (here’s the YouTube official trailer for the 8-part series):

I’m convinced you always have to change direction while things are good. . . . I need to be in control and I need to have a very clear sense of where I’m going and why something is working and not working. On the other hand I’ve also realized that being more free-spirited is needed. I’ve found that I need to develop these two personas separately. . . . be a much more ruthless editor and be a much more careless artist. This I find psychologically exhausting but there’s good stuff happening there. . . . I take very specific time off for this kind of free creation because I know it’s basically impossible to do under a deadline. Literally just sitting in front of a piece of paper and just doling stuff and being fearless . . . there’s something there that I need to go back and investigate further.


Writing Big Year: A full refresh

A big year is meant to give you 365 days of existential certainty: “come what may, every day I know what to do.” Well, the Writing Big Year has shifted completely and I’m redefining it.

Put simply, my 2017 goal was to wake up early every day and draft the nuclear power book. To get my 20 chapters done, I recast the year as the next fifteen months, that is, I’d finish Chapter 20 in March 2018.

That target changed completely when I finished Chapter 3. I now have Chapters 1, 2, 3 and 5, plus an earlier draft of Chapter 4. I don’t think they’re too bad. But if the full book was meant to be 800 pages (I know, I know, it’s long!), well, the first five chapters should take up 200 pages, but the tale I’m telling goes way over 200 pages. Two choices: trim or do something else. If Joe Publisher instructed me to trim, of course I would, but there’s no Joe Publisher, and cutting down would be such a wrench, and in any case, I think the story I’m telling is damned good enough. Conclusion: don’t trim, do something else.

What does “something else” mean? I’ve now taken the decision (thanks Daniel Kabel, thanks Pam Kabel) to publish in three volumes. The titles on this blog’s image are jokey-fake but you get the picture. Each volume covers a quarter century. And I’ll accord myself the thrill of self publishing (in ebook and print-on-demand forms) Volume I as soon as I can. But I won’t let off the pressure to draft the whole saga.

So to avoid doubt, as the lawyers intone, the Writing Big Year is recast:

  • Rise early
  • Protect the writing cave and write
  • Draft Chapters 1 to 13 (two thirds of the book) by December 31
  • By December 31, publish Volume I
  • By December 31, also publish an old murder mystery (why the hell not?)

(Next year’s main big year will be a continuation, completing all drafting by May, publishing Volumes II and III, and commencing another writing project.)

I now have a week-by-week program. I begin.