Fitness Big Year: There is joy in steadiness . . .

The past three days, I’ve been moaning about this Big Year. I forget that last year, I was quite preoccupied with the notion that maybe, just maybe, forcing oneself to take a given daily action could lead to a habit. I realized today that even if my jogging, cycling and gym’ing cause me angst, every day I go out and exercise. Every day. It’s no longer a question mark. Exercising is one of my habits. How wonderful!

Fitness Big Year: No easy solution to a poor start (Part 3)

Catch up on gym? Easy if irksome.

Catch up on cycling? Have faith and enjoy!

I simply don’t know what to do with jogging. I failed yet again a couple of days ago. The way I’m going, I’ll fall short of 1,000 kms by 100+. Since 10 kms is my limit, since I can’t jog and cycle on any one day . . . well, I’m in deep shtuk.

There’s no ready solution and I’ve bigger fish to catch right now, so I decide not to decide. I just affirm that I’ll keep lacing up those blue joggers twice a week and heading out to pant. Somehow I’ll keep dejection at bay. Maybe inspiration will strike like lightning, eh?